Procurement by Co-Design Team

HD MCKAY  | Design Manager

HD is a Designer at the MaRS Discovery District. She loves solving problems with others using creative practices and research-based insights. She is currently tackling Health System Innovation via the Innovation Procurement: Procurement by Co-Design program. Her professional training in information science, instructional design and user research is supported by a decade of creating user-centred experiences, managing user research projects and prototyping novel programs.

LILY LO  | Project Manager

Lily manages the Procurement by Co-Design challenges to ensure effective collaboration between healthcare providers and vendors. Lily joined MaRS in 2013, after graduating from the University of Waterloo with a BA in English Rhetoric and Business. She started her career at MaRS as the Associate for the EXCITE program, a world-first health technology evaluation program that brings together health technology innovators, health system payers, government and academia to foster the adoption of disruptive health technologies. In addition to working on EXCITE, Lily was the project manager for numerous heath innovation showcases, including the Redefining Early Stage Investments Conference (RESI on MaRS), which drew hundreds of early-stage life science investors from the US, Asia, and Europe and featured the third-annual MaRS HealthKick pitch competition. Lily’s interest in technology developed during her time as an intern at BlackBerry, Sybase, Microsoft and eHealth Ontario.

SARAH GHAZI | Program Associate

Sarah has an extensive social science research background specializing in ethnography, medical anthropology, as well as market research. Sarah is a graduate from University of Toronto specializing in Biological Anthropology.

JERRY KOH  |  Executive Sponsor

Jerry is a public and social systems innovator addicted to future possibilities and uncertainties. He is working with families, innovators and experts to create better work opportunities and better community living for today and for the future. He is also working with governments, businesses and communities to make government more open and innovative. Jerry led various foresight initiatives in the Ontario Public Service and the broader public service, from strategic planning to tools development.