Accelerating Clean Energy in Remote Communities


Ontario Power Generation, Ministry of Energy, Siemens Canada and NRStor

The Challenge

Across Canada, over 200,000 residents of 280 northern and remote communities depend on diesel generators, which are widely used due to their operational simplicity and reliability – but also incur high operating costs, create environmental risks, and require complex fuel logistics. In light of ongoing cost reductions for clean energy technologies, there is a renewed effort to displace diesel consumption with hydroelectric, solar, wind, biomass or other forms of renewable energy.


The Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS sought to identify barriers to deployment of clean energy systems in Canada’s remote communities, and to spark a national conversation around innovative strategies for removing these barriers. With our partners at Ontario Power Generation and others, we are working to understand the capacity and implications of energy system renewal on remote communities, identify viable technical solutions, and develop the policy/regulatory and funding structures required to address this systemic challenge

With this Discussion Paper, the Centre aims to convey preliminary feedback from stakeholder interviews and workshops, and attempt to describe the systemic barriers to the provision of low-cost, clean electricity in Canada’s remote communities.

Enabling a Clean Energy Future for Canada’s Remote Communities

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Co-Creating Solutions and Prototyping 

Alongside Ontario Power Generation, the Advanced Energy Centre is developing and implementing a strategy that will create opportunities for the deployment of clean energy resources within First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. Leveraging the experience of OPG in the remote regions of Northern Ontario, the Centre is working to enable new conversations between existing stakeholders.