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MaRS EXCITE offers two main programs:

End-to-end EXCITE

An evidence generation service for early-stage startups. Our team:

  • Supports the creation of clinical and economic evidence in favour of a product
  • Detects systemic barriers hindering adoption
  • Facilitates better understanding of the adoption process with healthcare system stakeholders
  • Identifies potential market access pathways

Startups receive:

  • Robust evidence dossier with regulatory and reimbursement endpoints
  • Comprehensive market access report

Eligible startups are:

  • Early and mid-stage companies
  • In need of clinical research evidence for regulatory and reimbursement purposes
  • Looking to better understand evidence endpoints for inclusion in protocol design
  • Looking to better understand clinical/cost-effectiveness and overall health and system outcome data
  • Generating proof-of-concept or preliminary safety/efficacy data
  • Facing significant systemic barriers to entering the Ontario market
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EXCITE Modular

This program offers customized implementation navigation services to later-stage startups. Our team:

  • Determines alignment of new technology with healthcare system priorities
  • Detects systemic barriers hindering adoption
  • Identifies all key system stakeholders relevant to successful implementation within the Ontario healthcare system
  • Convenes all relevant system stakeholders (including company) at collaborative round-table meetings to create market access pathways that support an adoption process within the Province
  • Provides the company and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care with a comprehensive market access plan for consideration

Based on their needs, startups receive:

  • In-person design sessions with all relevant healthcare system stakeholders
  • Robust list of relevant risks and opportunities for navigating the Ontario market
  • Comprehensive, co-created market access plan

Eligible startups are:

  • Later-stage companies with a Health Canada approved technology
  • In possession of a robust clinical and economic value dossier
  • Facing systemic barriers to enter the Ontario market
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Ken Spears, vice president and general manager, Boston Scientific

“EXCITE really helps life science firms like ours understand our value propositions, plan for barriers early, design trials more effectively, and gain insight directly from government officials.”

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