Location-based services (LBS)

Location data is a vital part of the mobile experience and enables some of the most widely used mobile apps. LBS apps relay a user’s location data to networks, they also have the ability to build a precise and personal user profile based on the collected data. The resources listed here provide market research information to entrepreneurs who are in the LBS space.

Mobile apps

The mobile app landscape is highly competitive with thousands of products available in dozens of different app stores. In this crowded marketplace, what are the best strategies to help your mobile app stand out? The resources listed here provide market research information to entrepreneurs who are in the mobile app space.

Healthcare general

This Healthcare General page recommends the best of publicly available information on the overall healthcare ecosystem―including healthcare spending and hospital and doctor statistics.


E-publishing (or electronic publishing) comprises the digital production of books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and other published assets. The resources listed here provide market research information to entrepreneurs who are in the e-publishing space.

Life sciences general

This Life Sciences General page highlights the best publicly available information on companies, industries and markets for the major segments of the life sciences (LS) industry. It includes the areas of pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, and medical devices.

Smart grid

Smart grid is the convergence of IT networks and systems with electric and thermal grid networks. The resources on this page provide entrepreneurs in this sector with information to better understand the smart grid ecosystem.

How do I identify competitors?

Understanding your competitors is important to the success of any business. This page consists of resources to help entrepreneurs identify competitors in their space.

E-Commerce and retail

The term retail often refers to both traditional in-store retail and electronic commerce or e-commerce. This page has resources to help entrepreneurs in the e-commerce and retail space answer common market research questions.

How do I find US market data?

This pages consists of resources to help entrepreneurs determine how many customers they might have for their product or service in the US market.

How do I find Canadian market data?

This pages consists of resources to help entrepreneurs determine how many customers they might have for their product or service in the Canadian market.


Issues related to water scarcity, management and treatment are taking an increasingly important role on the global stage. The resources on this Startup Library page are geared for technology entrepreneurs in the water sector.

Education technology

Technology is disrupting schools, from K-12 through to higher education and adult learning. These resources will help education entrepreneurs understand their market and the potential for technology to impact education systems and the education industry.

How do I fund my startup?

Funding is always a challenge for startups. MaRS Market Intelligence has collected some general resources you can use to help raise funds for your startup.

Commercialization programs and funding

There are a variety of commercialization programs and funding opportunities in place to promote academic commercialization activities within Ontario and across Canada. Academic entrepreneurs and technology transfer officers can find information about these programs and funding opportunities on this Startup Library page.

Commercialization overview

This Startup Library page provides resources for academic entrepreneurs and technology transfer and commercialization officers who are engaged in taking research-based technologies and inventions to market.

How do I find accelerators and incubators?

Accelerators and incubators provide a combination of services for online and mobile startups, including mentorship, funding, networking, training and/or office space. This page consists of resources to help entrepreneurs discover accelerators and incubators in Canada and throughout the world.

Digital gaming

The digital games resources listed here cater to entrepreneurs and startups that develop digital games played on consoles, computers, social networks and mobile devices.

Digital video & music

The digital video and music resources on this page provide market research information for entrepreneurs who develop video and music content delivered via the Internet, mobile networks or media storage devices.

Cleantech general

Cleantech can be defined as technology that offers environmentally sound solutions to the world’s ecological challenges. On this Startup Library page, you will find resources that cover the cleantech landscape in general. We highlight funding sources, accelerators, incubators, organizations, trends, statistics, and news sources that pertain to the cleantech industry.

Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Chile

The Going Global Energy Market Insights: Chile report provides a 360-degree view of Chile’s energy market and system for export-ready Canadian energy companies.

People Management Strategies: Startup Tips

Johnathan Nightingale, Chief Product Officer, Hubba, shares people management strategies for startup founders. Get tips on planning your workforce and achieving alignment when your startup team grows.

Microtransit: An assessment of potential to drive greenhouse gas reductions

Both Toronto and Montréal have committed to achieving a 30% greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reduction target by 2020 compared with 1990 emissions rates, and both Ontario and Québec have enacted Cap-and-Trade frameworks to address emissions in each province. Transportation-related GHG emissions constitute one of the largest and fastest growing emission sources in Ontario and Québec. Toronto … Read More

The mission statement: The basis for startups’ strategic planning

A mission statement describes a start-up’s basic motivation for being in business and outlines strategic objectives.

Pioneering pay-for-success in Canada: A new way to pay for social progress

No matter how good our intentions or how much money we spend, we continue to struggle with many of the same problems. Solutions to deep social ills—chronic disease, homelessness, children in government care—seem distant despite constant effort. Tying social spending to outcomes attempts to make our efforts more effective. Outcome funding pays social programs based … Read More

Going Global Series – Energy Market Insights: Mexico

The Going Global Energy Market Insights: Mexico report provides a 360-degree view of Mexico’s energy market and system for export-ready Canadian energy companies.

Making the most of our money: Why Canada and Ontario should invest unclaimed assets for social good

The Bank of Canada holds $626 million in unclaimed assets, a sum that grew by $49 million in 2015. An asset that remains unclaimed will eventually turn into national revenue, but until then it is held in low-yield investments. British Columbia, Alberta and Québec owners can claim another $429 million in provincially-regulated assets. A third … Read More

On the Scene: MaRS Consumer & Commerce — A look back and forward

In this report, we look back to see which Canadian companies made a splash on the Consumer and Commerce scene in 2015.

Cold call script (and cold email template) for startup founders

Making cold calls? Having a cold call script, or a cold call email template, can help ensure you cover critical points and connect with your target customer.

Open-ended and behaviour-based interview questions: Examples

When interviewing candidates for a position, steer away as much as possible from factual, close-ended questions that require a yes or no response.

Winning Body Language: Startup Tips

Body language expert Mark Bowden highlights key techniques to help entrepreneurs deliver a confident and winning pitch.