Mergers and Acquisitions: the process—with Tim Botham

Tim Botham, Managing Partner at Aqua M&A, walks through the typical acquisition process for tech startups.

Breaking the mould: the transformation of Ontario’s hospitals

Disclaimer: Architectural rendering reflecting current design concepts for the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. Exterior colours and finishes may change with final design. This is the first installment of MaRS Market Intelligence’s month-long series on innovative hospitals in Ontario. Introduction As Canadians, our healthcare system is a focal point of our society. It was designed on … Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions: the basics—with Tim Botham

Tim Botham, Managing Partner at Aqua Mergers + Acquisitions, breaks down the basics of mergers and acquisitions.

Growth marketing basics on Facebook

Facebook basics — don’t overthink it. Jeff Goldenberg, Co-founder & CSO of Abacus, breaks down marketing on Facebook, including budgeting, key metrics and best practices. Hint: Collect email addresses.

Sales process: Selling to large organizations in complex sales cycles | Part 1

In a successful sales process, three types of currency are in play: price, credibility, and political. Taking your prospective buyer from fearful to hero is the key to sales success.

How to design a high-value community

To build a high-value community, startups need to co-create with their users & listen to their needs. Ensure your community benefits your users.

Finding the right time: How leading marketers redefine moments of assistance

Marketers are increasingly changing their approaches, now using signals to deliver relevant marketing experiences that match consumers’ moments of intent. This article originally appeared on Think with Google.

Masters of Growth: Interview with Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO, Flybits

In this Masters of Growth interview, we talk to Hossein Rahnama from Flybits Inc. This series is a window into the minds of some of Ontario’s most successful business people.

Scenario planning for strategic decision-making

Scenario planning is a core method in strategic foresight. A way of rehearsing for the future, scenario planning stretches our perceptions & accounts for a range of futures, which helps us make better decisions.

Taking your Series A pitch on the road: Are you ready for prime time?

When it comes to financing, there’s less understanding about what Series A investors seek. Many entrepreneurs feel the waters get murky after angel funding and VC seed rounds.

Chart and maximize board performance

A board’s collective contribution is second only to executive leadership in steering the company in the direction of success. It’s a partnership.

What’s the right board size and structure?

Effective board governance is a necessary element in building shareholder value.

How do you appropriately compensate board members?

When speaking with early- and growth-stage founders and CEOs, questions commonly arise around how to appropriately compensate board members.

Building your board? Don’t build in mistakes

Frequently startups make common mistakes that prove detrimental to the effectiveness of their board.

Recruit and build a board that might fire you!

Board governance is as a necessary element of building shareholder value.

Caring about your employer brand will save you money

Employer branding is all about positioning yourself against your competitors for talent.

What are weak signals of change?

Knowing how to recognize weak signals of change—indications that changes may be taking place in milieus (e.g., social, political) that surround your business—will help your startup.

How to scan for weak signals of change

Scanning for weak signals of change is a technique for sensing events and trends that may evolve to have a significant impact on a business.

Scaling your business—with Marc Castel from Fiix

When scaling your business, you need to consider a wide variety of factors, including talent, capital, and product-market fit. Marc Castel, CEO and Co-Founder of Fiix, tells us how he scaled his company and who helped him along the way.

Understanding the Ontario Health Technology Market with William Charnetski

William Charnetski, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario, explains below the state of the health technology market in Ontario and how OCHIS is working to build and support the health innovation ecosystem in the province.

Growth Marketing Strategy with Fab Dolan from Google

It’s time you started thinking like a growth marketer, but do you know how? Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing with Google Canada, breaks down what a growth marketer does and how the world of marketing has changed.

Improving Your Employer Branding with Daneal Charney

Employer branding is positioning yourself against your competitors for talent, right? It’s answering the question, why should I work for you? Why should I join your organization? Because best talent has choices! So why are they going choose you?

How do I conduct a patent search?

Intellectual property filings are useful in determining whether your invention is “novel” (truly new) and whether you have the freedom to commercialize your invention without infringing on other claims that are already under patent protection. You can search for patent applications and granted patents through the government and intergovernmental agencies listed below. Canadian Intellectual Property … Read More

Foresight in five steps for SMEs and startups

Ideally, foresight is practiced on a continuous basis and becomes an input to your strategic planning process.

Strategic foresight for SMEs and startups

What is strategic foresight? It’s a set of techniques for dealing with uncertainty and capitalizing on change. Foresight is a discipline for understanding how issues unfolding today could affect your business tomorrow.

Masters of Growth: Getting sales right with Peter Kalen

Creating a business plan and developing your product is just the beginning. Now you need to sell it. Do you have a sales strategy?

Human Centred Design and User Research—with Ariel Sim

​Ariel Sim, Human Centred Designer and Futurist with Doblin Deloitte, shares insights on conducting user research in human centered design (HCD).

The Process Behind UX Design with Darrin Henein

Understanding the basics of user experience design (UX) is one thing, but actually applying it to the development of your product and/or service is another. Darrin Henein, Senior UX Lead at Shopify, guides you through the UX process and how to test and validate ideas generated from user research.

UX Design and Your Startup with Darrin Henein

User experience design (UX) is a framework for thinking about the design and development of a product and/or service that maps to real people’s needs.

Human Centred Design with Ariel Sim

Before you start designing your product and/or service, you need to think about the user. Human centred design (HCD) is the concept of leading with the user, and ultimately building a product that provides a solution tailor-made to that user’s problem.