The Mashup of Echo Chambers in the Legal Services Industry presented by Jason Moyse

Jason sets the tone for the day by discussing the mashup of echo chambers that results in new delivery approaches for the legal services industry through greater innovation. In his words, law is business and there is an $800 Billion opportunity which can be served by many suppliers beyond the traditional law firms including alternative providers who merge people, technology and process techniques like Lean Six Sigma and Lean Startup. “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed”.

About Legal Lean 

A Legal Lean and NewLaw enthusiast, along with his partner & event co-creator, Aron Solomon, Senior Advisor of MaRs, Jason Moyse has a passion for technology, learning and relationship building, combined with cross functional leadership skills which have touched sales, marketing, communications, finance, administration, technical services and of course, legal matters. Jason has served as Trusted Advisor to Senior Leadership, C-Suite and Governance Teams as a lawyer, consultant, business developer and Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt. Jason and Aron have conducted workshops at Michigan State University and written for TechVibes on topics of Legal Lean and LegalTech. Jason and Aron have a website coming in 2015: Follow Jason on twitter: @jasonmoyse