Business of Aging: Wellness solutions for our aging workforce
This report presents the case for employers to take action on employee wellness, and provides them with a showcase of Canadian innovations to help their employees prevent or manage chronic disease, thereby keeping them healthy and effective throughout their careers.

Health in the workplace has become increasingly important as Canada’s population is in the midst of a demographic shift: we are aging, living longer and having fewer children. Our workforce is also changing, and with age comes maturity, wisdom, experience and talent. Those who are older contribute significantly to our success – they are our mentors and our leaders; they teach and guide us. Older workers also enhance the competitiveness and productivity of organizations of all sorts of sizes, including small companies, government organizations, academic institutes, healthcare institutions, and others. A proactive approach to managing an aging workforce produces an unrivalled return on investment, providing a compelling case for investment.

Along with all the benefits derived from an aging workforce, there are also challenges: increased incidence of chronic diseases, the need to accommodate caregiving responsibilities, and a declining talent pool. Employers must implement new solutions – using a number of innovations in an integrated ecosystem – to harness the full potential of an aging workforce.

MaRS Report: Business of Aging 2012

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