Listen in on this authoratative venture capital panel on issues and trends in VC investing, with Amar Varma, Extreme Venture Partners, Howard Gwin, Bridgescale Partners, Robin Axon, Mantella Venture Partners, Kerri Golden, Advisor, MaRS Capital.

This one-day, educational and “bootcamp-style” program featured expert investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston – all aligned to give advice to Canadian entrepreneurs in order to help facilitate cross-border growth for Canadian companies ready to grow their business in the US.

MaRS – Building Canada’s next generation of global technology companies.

Accelerated Growth Bootcamp

Gain valuable advice from expert investors and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, New York and Boston through this series of videos from the Accelerated Growth Bootcamp—a one-day MaRS program designed for Canadian startups ready to enter US markets.

  1. Accelerated Growth Bootcamp — David Blumenstein
  2. Accelerated Growth Bootcamp — Michael Worry
  3. Accelerated Growth Bootcamp — Chris Gill
  4. Accelerated Growth Bootcamp — Mike Grandinetti