A Bright Green Future: Ontario’s cleantech asset map

This report analyzes the convergence of technology, policy and capital within Ontario’s cleantech sector. Ontario is leading the way in Canada’s response to climate change. The province’s economic landscape is changing, moving from traditional strengths in environmental and energy technologies into a field of convergence in clean technology – or cleantech. Before 2009, strong environmental and energy sectors were built using technologies from both within and outside the province, with greater involvement from international companies.

Significant strength also exists in the water sector, with world-class leadership in water-treatment technologies. The growing numbers of organizations, emerging companies and research institutes involved in research and development (R&D) in the environmental, energy, water and wastewater management sectors in the province have gradually established Ontario as a cleantech hub.

Looking ahead, Ontario will develop and commercialize more of its own green technologies. The Green Energy Act, the FIT Program and other legislation and initiatives will support the province’s cleantech economy. Cleantech innovations are being developed and supported by university R&D and by regional and sector innovation hubs that provide the necessary commercialization support. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have progressively increasing access to funding options.

Ontario’s cultural diversity continues to provide well-diversified human resources and a sales gateway to international markets. As an established – and still growing – cleantech hub, Ontario is fostering cutting-edge research into environmental and energy-related technologies to be adopted provincially and ultimately gain international recognition.


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