MaRS is the world’s largest urban innovation hub. It is a home for researchers and innovators and a launch pad for startups. Our aim is to bring to market breakthrough technologies that will transform the way people live and work.

We focus on four innovation areas: Energy & Environment, Finance & Commerce, Health, and Work & Learning. MaRS also leads important systems change initiatives to tackle complex societal and economic issues and open new markets. Our ambitions are global and we seek out partners in Canadian and international markets.

If you are interested in touring the MaRS Centre or collaborating with MaRS as a partner, please complete the form below to help us better understand your goals. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you’re interested in becoming a MaRS tenant or looking for meeting rooms or event space, please see the Facilities section of our website.

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Please note: We are unable to accommodate all requests to visit and engage with MaRS as we receive a high volume of collaboration requests and must prioritize those that best fit our areas of focus.