Contract or possible permanent role – Equity Compensation Almaguin Scientific Corporation is an early stage, intellectual property based company poised for rapid growth. Our most advanced project involves apiculture (beekeeping) and the ailments that affect managed honeybees and their hives. A preliminary field trial is planned for the summer of this year providing guidance for the summer of 2019.
  • Join a small team with research overseen by a Professor Emeritus utilizing university facilities and leveraging a related private sector partner developing promising technology transfer opportunities.
  • Candidate must be comfortable earning equity only compensation vesting December 2019 or January 2020 as per your personal financial planning and possible exit expectations.
  • Most of your time commitment will be at your home office / preferred location and limited travel is likely required initially.
  • Educationally a BSc in natural sciences would be of benefit though not essential, however extensive MBA equivalent experience would be of necessity for our mutual success.
  • A mature entrepreneurial vision, familiarity with seed financing and an ability to bridge early stage IP with both end user and capital markets are assets you bring to the role. Perfect our investor pitch materials and presentations and assist with financial modeling and forecasting. Liaise with academic partners, the university's Research Innovation Office and industry partners, both existing and prospective.
  • Steer the patent process and help identify additional possible market niches beyond what is currently envisaged.
  • Compensation scale negotiable.